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Hi everyone! I’ve already moved to a new virtual home.

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From Nordstrom, with ease.

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One thing my close friends know about me is that I looove shopping (even my workmates can attest to that). It has been my stress reliever and time killer because if I got nothing to do or would nearly kill myself because of stress (sorry, I have low handling tolerance or weak stress management), what better way to counter it is by spending time in what you like doing. Of course, in reality, I don’t always have that “amount” to splurge on all the things I like. What I do instead is I stroll virtually – yes, online stores – and look for some goods where i’ll get my style inspiration and motivation to save money for it/them. Not just with apparels but I’m also an impulse buyer of room furnitures/decorations and stationery materials. I guess most people who are O.C. like me would agree when I say that you would always look for further improvements in almost everything that you always see – let’s say in your room, wardrobe, or just in your everyday baggage.

What I like about online shopping is that I get to save time, money and effort. There was this scenario where I phone-called a branch of a retail brand and I was told that they still have a few stocks left of the product I inquired about. When I went to the store the day after my inquiry, they informed me that the item I asked for was already out of stock. Imagine the wasted time and effort that you got from going to the physical store just to find out that you won’t get what you saved for. Not to mention the money you spent to reach the store. That nightmare doesn’t always happen but the thing is, it happens. At least with online shopping, you just have to do a few clicks and then the item is now yours. You’ll just have to wait, for a few days, for the arrival of the good that will be delivered to your doorstep.

I got to visit in my few clicks back and I got very overwhelmed with the selection of their available brands. More than 100 years and still counting, I strongly agree that what makes Nordstrom the “dictator of what’s next in fashion” (as they dub it) is that they don’t just sell fashion. It continuously works to deliver the best possible shopping experience and to help customers posses style. True enough, this makes them the leading fashion specialty retailer offering compelling clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. With over a hundred store branches and e-commerce sites, need the brand say more about their offerings?

I also found out that they ship their goods as well here in the Philippines! But if you’re worrying about the additional costs (assuming it’ll be a bit expensive because it’s considered international shipping), fret and worry not because Photius is here to provide you with great discounts, deals and coupon codes which you can use for every transaction you make with Nordstrom. Enjoy those treats and look for available deals here:

I was able to do some “window shopping” out of the limited time that I had and here are some of my picks. Time to do some major saving and belt tightening so I can get my hands on each of you!

1. Tretorn all-white Nylite Sneaker
2. Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette Spray
3. Timex ‘Easy Reader’ Leather Strap Watch, 42mm
4. Herschel Supply Co. “Sutton” Duffel Bag
5. Nixon ‘The Time Teller’ Gold Watch, 40mm
6. Palomino ‘Blackwing Medium’ Luxury Graphing Notebook
7. adidas ZX 700 Sneakers (Men)
8. Topman Black Knit Cap
9. Topman Cropped Sleeve Knit Sweatshirt

Oh, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks! For my generous and kind readers & friends out there, why not experience the convenience of Nordstrom and buy those items above as your gift for me? HAHAHAHA! Kidding!

Browse the e-commerce site now and take your picks!

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Woolen Body

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          Back to blogging, y’all!! Hello everyone! I’ve been MIA for a long time, huhuhu. Apologies for the “no paramdam" because i’ve been very (very) busy with our dance concert Danz Dish IX: Manifesto plus job hunting since i’m a fresh graduate. Before anything else, I would like to super duper thank everyone who supported me and my amazing team LSDC-Street! Two days and both were sold-out. Literally a huge success, so thank you so much for your unending support! Now that everything’s over, i’m currently on the highest level of #sepanx from my college life, which includes my membership in LSDC-Street. I’m saving the drama for my next blog post which I will publish soon (huhuhu).

Plain baseball cap from SM Department Store

Wool pullover from Zara
Colin Braided Belt from Hickok; Denim Men’s Legging Jeans from Uniqlo; Burgundy boat shoes from Rolu

(c) Photography by Eliza Dagoy

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