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Beach Bummer

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image image

Shorts from Folded & Hung
Over-the-body bag from Eastpak; Black underwear from Bench Body
Flip-flops from Folded & Hung

(c) Eliza Dagoy

Lakan ng Gabi

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Every year, the Culture and Arts Office (CAO) of De La Salle University - Manila holds the Gawad Kultura (Gabi ng Parangal para sa mga Artistang Mag-aaral) where they recognize and reward the greatest performers, groups, and arts managers for the previous school year. With La Salle Dance Company - Street being a group under CAO, we as student-artists/members are highly encouraged to attend and participate in this once-a-year gathering last April 3, along with the other CAO groups. This year, I am so blessed to be one of the three nominees for the Gawad Indayog (Most Outstanding Performer in Dance) award along with my teammates Mick Tan and Hazel Villaflores.

The theme of this year’s Gawad Kultura is “Makulay at buhay ang kultura”, and they encouraged us to wear colorful Filipiniana attire. I would like to share with you guys the outfit I came up with:

Dress pants from Topman
Floral neckpiece made by Manuela (our awesome maid); Jusi Barong from Kultura; Artwork done by Rotech Arts & Frames
This is the artwork that I asked the Rotech guy (whuutss haha) to paint in my barong. Thank you Google for the image (to certify that I do not own this image/artwork).
Dress shoes from SM Salvatore Mann

As for the awarding part, we would like to thank the Culture and Arts Office for believing in our group (LSDC-Street) and entrusting us with these awards at the Gawad Kultura 2013:
• Gawad Wali (University Service)
• Gawad Bikas (Best in Production)
• Gawad Anni (Best in Marketing)
• Gawad Dayon (Best in Documentation)
• Gawad Sudi (Commendation)
• Gawad Kultura (Best CAO Group)
• Gawad Likha (Most Outstanding Composer/Choreographer) - Kenneth Laput
• Gawad Sanghaya (Most Outstanding Leader) - Martin Manalo
• Gawad Indayog (Most Outstanding Performer in Dance) - Mick Tan
• Gawad Maliw (Student-Artist that excels both in Performance and Academics) - Mick Tan
• Gawad Raya (Most Oustanding New Performer in Dance) - Lianna Martinez
• Lakan ng Gabi (Best Dressed Male) - James Martin


Congratulations to our Executive Board ‘12-‘13! Big congratulations as well to our brother and sister groups in CAO for bringing out their best in serving the university and promoting the culture and arts with their hard work and passion. Let us all continue to be true and excellent Lasallian student-artists! Animo La Salle!

Photos by Jurico Agustin

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