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          What’s up, everyone? I’m baaack, Haha! As much as possible, i’m trying to catch up with my inactive blog and schedule my outfit shoots. I’ve been busy for the past few days and I know that I’ll be busier when the calendar hits February, but I will still do my best to bulk my blog with outfit posts! Anyway, the weather during the past few days was very windy. It’s kind of weird for me because I expected December to be the coldest month but why is it parang may delay? Haha! Well, I guess my clothes for #SweaterDecember will be extended to #BreezyJanuary. Yay to more sweater days!!



Cap from SM Department Store

Parka Jacket from Folded & Hung; Knitted Sweater from Topman; Braided belt from SM Department Store; Men’s Legging Jeans from Uniqlo; Sneakers from Call It Spring

(c) Photography by Ikat Gallardo

'Til We're 89

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          I tried to move out again of my usual style zone to test my own versatility in wearing any kind of outfit personality. I think this is the first time I published an outfit post of me wearing high cut skater shoes. But believe it or not, I’ve been a fan of those (high school term: “dunks” haha!) when I was in high school. During those days, you’ll surely catch the attention of your schoolmates when you roam around the campus sporting “dunks" matched with your P.E. uniform. Na-try ko ‘yun dati tapos feeling ko cool na ako haha! And usually (before or maybe until now), when they see you in high cut shoes like the ones i’m wearing, they’ll assume that you’re a dancer (or barely a skater). Who can relate? Hayy, good ol’ days. Sometimes, I feel like matching them to a dapper outfit will make it interesting, and I’d definitely try it out soon. I’m starting to get obsessed again with high cut sneakers, hehe, hello dancer mode.

          Anyway, here’s what I will wear tonight to the adidas’ Unite All Originals campaign party at Club Haze, The Fort Strip. I’m super sorry if I’m not wearing any hint of adidas. :( Thank you for the special invite, Green Bulb PR Inc.!

image image
Corduroy snapback from H&M | Indeed an unusual textile for snapbacks, which made it unique and cool.
Oversized mesh shirt from Topman | It’s kind of see-through at some angle, which makes it heat-friendly.
Gold watch from Casio; Aztec button-down from Topman; Denim Men’s Legging Jeans from Uniqlo | Accentuated my outfit with this gold watch from Casio and added detail with the aztec printed button-down tied around my waist. Lately, i’ve noticed that i’m becoming a hoarder of skinny fitted pants (especially this men’s legging jeans from Uniqlo) because I really feel good wearing such and it looks good on tall people like me (in my style perspective).
Spartan High cut shoes from DC X Skullcandy | The first time I saw this pair inside Journeys (Las Vegas Premium Outlets - North), I didn’t even think twice nor hesitate to buy it. It’s just dope and I thought that I’d never find a pair like this here in Manila so I bought it right away.

Special thanks to Eliza Dagoy for taking my photos and Luis Logarta for hanging out with us!

Stay (Piano Cover) - Rihanna

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Beach shorts from Hang Ten; shirt from Topman

          Here’s another piano cover attempt by yours truly. This song’s been running and playing in my mind for weeks so I decided to play and sing it out, and since Riri’s concert here in Manila is nearing. I’ll consider this as a tribute to her comeback here in the Philippines, haha!

P.S. Please don’t judge me (my voice & whatever), hahaha! This is the reason why I’m a dancer ('yung totoo?). And, sorry for the flaws I had with the chords. My piano skills were from my grade school days pa so I’m just playing around and trying to bring it back.

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