My Bloggers United 3 experience!

June 07, 2012 / 1 ♥ / Comments

          This is actually my first time to attend Bloggers United. It was super jampacked that we weren’t able to move and roam around freely to check all the booths, but overall it was awesome. It was so nice seeing my favorite bloggers there, selling their stuffs. The thing is, I got shy to take pictures with them, so I ended up just taking their photos.



Christine Liwag (Craving for More) - owner of Crave More Accessories. It’s so funny how we were looking & hunting for the venue while we’re inside the cab. =)))))


David Guison (DG MNL)


Paul Jatayna (Paulhighness)

Carlos Concepcion (Kingdom of the C)

Anastasia Siantar


Kelly Medina (The Traveling Boots)with Christine Liwag

Gelo Arucan (Fabgelous) with Christine Liwag

Gerard Perez (Gerd Perez)

Robbie Becroft (Robbie Off Duty) with Christine Liwag



Thanks to my company during the event! Christine, Christian, Vince, Mav, & Bryan

(L-R): Bryan Daracan, Vince Villano, & Christian Reasonda

Maverick Padua

EXTRA!! Maverick doing his playing cards trick in front of these bloggers:



Paul Chuapoco (The PR Guy)

Laureen Uy (Break My Style), Camille Co (Camille Tries To Blog), & Patricia Prieto (Paradigma)

The Enciso Sisters! Vern (A Shoe Tale) & Verniece (Verniece Enciso)


Bowtie from (Sorry! I forgot the name of the booth/blogger *sad*); YOLO plate from Gelo Arucan; Cluster of Bones necklace from OS Accessories by Paul Jatayna

DG MNL muscle shirt
from Get Sole by David Guison; Beast Graphic Tee from Proudrace by Paul Jatayna


I got a tank top from Zalora (I super love it, it’s so comfy and I look hot, haha!) and a mini pouch from ETC!

          I will definitely attend Bloggers United 4 and I hope I’ll be able to join those awesome bloggers and sell stuffs as well. HAHAHA! Kidding. But seriously, I do hope that there will be more bloggers that will sell, a bigger venue, and more more more super lots of awesome stuffs to be sold.

          I was not able to take photos of Lissa Kahayon, Miko Carreon (Hi Miko, yes i’m a fan of you. HAHA!), Divine Lee, Victor Basa, and Paul Chuapoco. :’(( #semifail

IAMALEXA’s free passes to BU3 - I won!

May 28, 2012 / 1 ♥ / Comments

          This was actually my first time to join blog giveaways by famous bloggers. I was amazed and overwhelmed that I was one of Alexa’s 20 winners of free passes to the Bloggers United 3 on June 2. :>

          Well anyway, BU3 is open to everyone! You only have to pay P100 for the entrance pass and there you go, you’ll be able to meet your favorite bloggers and have the chance to shop stuffs from them. This will be my first time to attend Bloggers United and I hope it’ll be fun. :)

          Thank you Alexa for this! Visit her awesome blog at According to my best friend, I am also under the guest list of another blogger, but that i’m not really sure. Yay! I’m really excited. Let’s go to BU3, guys!

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