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I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER - Capsule Collection

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Team Defocus
Top designed by Mai Manaloto
Top designed by Cha Tulinao
Top designed by Pat Villamor

This blog post is dedicated to my team at the Lee Style Army 2013! It was such an honor to be your stylist, Mai, Cha, and Pat! It was so fun designing & creating the bottoms to be paired to your tops, planning the hair and make-up for each look, and hunting accessories to complete each outfit for our capsule collection. Thank you guys for believing in me and for the awesome learning experience. We shall see again each other in the industry and do some collaborations in the future! #cheesy

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The Philippine StarOctober 21, 2013(c) Jameline Hui

The Philippine Star
October 21, 2013
(c) Jameline Hui

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